CV Daniel Goldenberg

Exhibitions etc.

2020 Galleri Knud Grothe (Denmark) (Group exhibition)
2019 Bredgade Kunsthandel (Denmark) (Group exhibition)
2019 Gallery V58 (Denmark) (Group exhibition)
2018 Bredgade Kunsthandel (Denmark) (Group exhibition)
2018 Wildevuur Gallery (Holland) (Group exhibition)
2017 Galleri V58 (Group exhibition)
2017 Bredgade Kunstgalleri (Group exhibition)
2017 CK Contemporary Gallery (USA)
2016 CK Contemporary Gallery (USA)
2016 Bredgade Kunsthandel (DK)
2016 Gallery V58 / Copenhagen International art fair.
2016 Bredgade Kunsthandel (DK)
2015 Gallery V58 / Copenhagen International art fair.
2014 Bredgade Kunsthandel (DK)
2014 Copenhagen City Hall (K2 Group exhibition)
2013 Bredgade Kunsthandel (DK)
2013 Portrait of Police Inspector Johan Reimann, Denmark
2013 Copenhagen City Hall (K2 Group exhibition)
2012 Galleri Backlund (Sweden)
2011 Galleri Nakke Hage (DK)
2011 Galleri Knud Grothe (Group exhibition) (DK)
2011 Article in International Artist Magazine
2010 Galleri Rasmus (DK)
2010 Galleri V58 (DK)
2010 Certified teacher ’ Michael Wilcox School of Colour’
2009 KE Copenhagen annual censured exhibition
2009 Horsens Kunstgalleri (DK)
2009 Galleri Knud Grothe (Group Exhibition) (DK)
2008 Member of ’International Guild of Realism’
2007 Copenhagen Royal Theater
2006 Review in ’Danish Art 06’
1999 Review in ’Danish Art 99’
1998 Galleri 12, censured exhibition, Danish national television

About the Artist

Daniel Goldenberg was born in Canada in 1960 and has lived most of his life in Denmark. Besides exhibiting for over 30 years, he has also made backgrounds for animation films, dioramas for Copenhagen Zoological Museum and taught art for 20 years. He is a member of International Guild of Realism and a teacher for the Michael Wilcox School of Colour. He also gives lectures on art.

Daniel Goldenberg works in oil and uses his own reference photos which he alters in various ways for his paintings. In the city paintings he attempts to evoke an underplayed mysterious atmosphere, by reducing people and traffic to a minimum and removing signs, masts and anything else that is in the way. It can take up to several months to complete a painting.

He works and teaches art in his studio in Copenhagen, which also doubles for a gallery for anyone who wants to look by. He has exhibited throughout Denmark as well as in Sweden, Holland and the US.