Colour Theory Courses

As a certified teacher from ‘The Michael Wilcox School of Colour’ Daniel Goldenberg gives courses in color theory and color mixing.

The date for the next course is not decided yet.

Mix the colors you want – every time!

Course content

  • Mix all colors – exercises that give expertise
  • The best pigments – their characteristics and qualities
  • Understanding light and color where it’s relevant for artists
  • Exercises in “seeing” color
  • Avoid inferior and unnecessary colors (more than 2/3 of colors sold)
  • Learn how the Masters used color
  • Understanding and using complementary color
  • Primary colors and color circles
  • Experience immediate results in your art

Studying and using “‘The Michael Wilcox School of Colour” system, convinced Daniel Goldenberg that it is the most efficient and easily applied system for understanding and using colour in practice. Learn more about the “The Michael Wilcox School of Colour” at

The course is relevant for all artistic stiles, from abstract to realism – and for all media – oil, acrylic, watercolor or others.

Location: Daniel Goldenberg’s studio, Willemoesgade 23 kld. 2100 Copenhagen.

Price: 750 Dkr. from 10-17. Sign up for a course or ask for more info.

After the impressionists, where art spread in all directions, large areas of knowledge about color, color mixing and complementary color disappeared from most art circles, art schools and art academies. This knowledge is neither hard to understand nor acquire, actually it’s quite easy to learn the basics …